Mobile Experimentation Talk at Droidcon

How do I run experiments in my mobile app? What does A/B testing on Android & iOS look like? If similar questions around mobile experimentation cross your mind, you’re in the right place.

Im this post, I present you with my talk from Droidcon Berlin 2019 that will teach you how to efficiently write & setup experiments (A/B tests). Further it will showcase a way to create apps that keep the customers at the centre of everything.

Having run over a 100 experiments alone in the last 2 years at I present some hard to believe facts related to user experience and design that developers often overlook while shipping features.

If you watch this talk you will first learn how to frame the hypothesis of an experiment. Then learn to calculate runtime of an experiment. Followed by tips to set up metrics to measure success. All this so that you can act as a product manager yourself in future!

Think of this talk as a crash course for Mobile Developers to become Product Owners 😄

I am always excited to discuss various aspects of mobile experimentation especially because there is no one way to do it correctly. Different types of mobile experiments pose different challenges. If you or your organisation are have an interesting challenge related to mobile experimentation I would love to hear it out, discuss and learn from.

Also, if you are interested in going over the slides again or referring to them please feel free to do so with proper attribution. ❤️

I have been speaking at conferences worldwide for over 6 years now. The full list of my talks is available here. If you’d like me to present a talk at your Meetup, Conference or at one of your organization’s private events please reach out to me on Twitter.

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