About Me

Hey – I'm Ishan 👋

I am a software engineer, who has been building mobile (Android) apps for over a decade now. Some of my most noticeable works include a dating app called Tinder,  a car-sharing app called  Getaround, an online travel agency app called Booking, and a news summary app called Inshorts.

I frequently author articles on my blog, raywenderlich.com, and proandroiddev.com. I enjoy public speaking and have presented in over 10 different countries across the globe so far.

You can connect with me on Twitter or if you want to read in-depth about my career, you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

Both I and my work have been featured in several media publications.

Tinder’s Date With This Tech Genius Was Definitely Worth The 500-Day Wait
Imagine you were supposed to go on a date with the perfect match and they turned up 500 days late. That’s essentially what happened when Tinder - the world’s biggest online dating app - was paired up with tech genius Ishan Khanna.
Ishan Khanna’s Passion-Powered World Tour Known As The “DroidChef”, Ishan’s Expertise In Android Engineering Has Unlocked The Opportunity For Global Travel
When people wonder where software engineering can take them, they only need to look at Ishan Khanna’s journey. Before the pandemic hindered travel, Ishan was in high demand as a speaker at tech events around the world due to his expertise in Android development. Since 2014, he has been presenting hi…
Engineering students come up with low bandwidth video conferencing tool and messaging app
Chief technology officer of Tata Sons, Dr. Gopichand Katragadda said the students were encouraged to ’make and go beyond an idea into a working prototype.
Ishan Khanna: The Android Expert Leading Advocacy for Safer and Scalable Android Apps
Ishan Khanna said During the freshmen year when my classmates were still getting an introduction to programming, I was already leveraging my knowledge and expertise in the Android domain to freelance and build a portfolio of apps
Device for tracking water tankers wins Delhi’s PolicyHack
BW Smart Cities - , Cities & Local Government-India’s top young technology thinkers competed in five different “policy tracks” to create new tools to improve the delivery of government services to the people
Hacking Cancer
College students and graduates, engineers and doctors, and even a high school student and her science teacher all brought their distinct backgrounds to Boston University to address one question: Wh…
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