Flutter Add-to-App in Production: A War Story

Are you planning to use Flutter Add-to-App feature in Production? Make sure you carefully listen to my story about using this in production.

Our team at Getaround did a thorough research investigating ways to integrate Flutter into our Native apps using Add-to-App. We successfully managed to ship a feature built completely in Flutter. There were a lot of hurdles we had to cross in our journey. This talk of mine throws light on them. In the end, I also share the future of Flutter at Getaround. What do you think it would be? Did we decide to go big or go home? Answers to all these questions in the video below 👇

Please remember that Flutter is under active development. A lot of things that I mention in the talk may have changed or would no longer be valid. The questions that I pose though, will still be valid for any cross-platform framework you or your team are evaluating.

Also, if you are interested in going over the slides again or referring to them please feel free to do so with proper attribution. ❤️

I have been speaking at conferences worldwide for over 6 years now. The full list of my talks is available here. If you’d like me to present a talk at your Meetup, Conference or at one of your organization’s private events please reach out to me on Twitter.

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