Modularization in Android

We have all heard stories about modularization, faster builds, quicker iterations and all the good things we get through it. But when it comes to actually breaking your legacy into modules, your code can give you a serious run for money. In this talk I share how 60+ Android Devs at Booking got together to defeat the legacy and modularized the app to get 10 times faster builds. If you watch this talk you will be able to learn the best practices about modularizing your large code bases and avoid the pitfalls that we discovered in journey.

Also, if you are interested in going over the slides again or referring to them please feel free to do so with proper attribution.❤️

I have been speaking at conferences worldwide for over 6 years now. The full list of my talks is available here. If you’d like me to present a talk at your Meetup, Conference or at one of your organization’s private events please reach out to me on Twitter.

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