How to Love Your Developers Like Your Customers


In this talk I’ll show how you can increase developer productivity of your Android Teams by adding simple debug features to your app, hacking gradle and Android Studio to turn your Devs into Super Heroes who ship much better products faster than ever. Everybody talks about Design, Architectures, Libraries and what not, but, what we often forget is that most of the times quick wins for us as developers can be much more beneficial than tackling large refactors to use the latest technologies available so if we apply the 80-20 rule to our development workflow we can achieve so much more. People with any level of android experience can see this talk.

Also, if you are interested in going over the slides again or referring to them please feel free to do so with proper attribution. ❤️

I have been speaking at conferences worldwide for over 6 years now. The full list of my talks is available here. If you’d like me to present a talk at your Meetup, Conference or at one of your organization’s private events please reach out to me on Twitter.

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